End of year

Years End...

Anansi Holds her children in arms of protection. As they break free of her loving arms they reverberation on the threads of webs, finding thier place in the world carrying with them wisdom which itself reverbs to the future bringing strenght and nutrishment as new webs of future Anansis’ begin to be spun…

Joanne White ‘Anansi’( 2021). Plastic clay and thread, fabric. Woven into a maternal photographic work that centred on strength, renewal, mysticism, heritage, waves, earth and musical resonance. Model, Jewel Foste

Last year I studied Caribbean-immigration-textile-ceramics, this year, Afro-futurism/mysticism/music and political activism. Starting with the study of black activism in the context of current culture, politics, writing and music and its outcomes in art practice, within the context of modern technology (recording), of events of major trauma. For example, the George Floyd murder as well as close personal deaths during the Covid pandemic. Through Trauma conveyed by mysticism and dreams through Anansi, nature, webs and networks. Empty history and fulfilment. Ending with perseverance and new history, Studying how black African diaspora intellectuals and artists have tried to interweave the lost connections of ancestral roots and historic trauma into the present artistic creations and inventions of stories and art about now and the future, in an attempt to centre themselves in a present contemporary history that diminishes the effects and trauma of colonialism and racism on future generations.
Looking at spirituality and Afro-futurism I looked at the commentary on films like 12 Years a Slave by Steve McQueen. the Music of Sun Ra . Writers like Octavia Butler. George Lloyd and Black Lives Matter in relation to Jean-Michel Basquiat. Attending the 1:54 African art fair at (2020). Following the Autograph ABP Galleries series of talks concerning the black diaspora artists also race and diversity discussions/forums online-offline venues, also information on social media forums platforms. Looking at other universities’ work brought cross contemporary influences as well ensuring no replication while keeping current. Notable was Grayson Perry, exhibitions, last attending ‘The Most Special Relationship’, Victoria Miro Gallery London (2020). I also researched books online and through the London Metropolitan University Library as well as acquiring new books e..g Young Gifted and Black: A New Generation of Artists, featuring, Jacolby Satterwhite’s, artwork, ‘Reifying desire 5, (2013).
My methodology involved researching and making, online research as well as attending talks and symposiums over the course of the Covid pandemic. Making in the ceramic studio. Using different clays, string and photography. Summing up with my work ‘Anansi’( 2021) Image 1, 2 and 3. Modalities, all woven into a maternal photographic work that centred on strength, renewal, mysticism, heritage, waves, earth and musical resonance.
Documentation: for me, this meant drawing, writing and online research documenting artists and using photography in a novel way to record my sketch process and also the ceramic work. I looked at all formats of work including cartoons, lighting, make-up. Looked at professionals’ work online also, speaking to professional artists. Making my own Google documentary diary of events, images and notes.
Being a: part-time student research meant fully submerging myself in the topic, increasing ceramics skills. Problem? Not being long in studios with susceptibility to covid. Better able to project this year’s budget including projection for professional employment. Plus I did numerous notes.
On reflection, concentration was hard. As a skilled all-rounder, I had far too many ideas in my head which made the process difficult. My research involved the journey from activism and mysticism through black political activism music and film to Afro-futurism at the same time building on learned techniques and honing my ceramic and blog skills. In evaluation, in the future for professional practice, I will need some assistance with my disability and have been looking at grants to do this, and would also like to spend some time researching abroad in Africa and the Caribbean seeing all the artistic and media tropes related to afro-futurism. Acquiring a ceramic studio would also be important. Developing an interest in afro-futurism, now, I’m actually very proud of my final work this year. Gaining Knowledge influence of music on afro-futurism, music is an aspect of knowledge I would also like to strengthen.

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