RSN Certificate- Goldwork module

must have taken yoy a long time. fantastic!!

Blooming Kapok Embroidery

The completed work

I’ve submitted my goldwork and am waiting for assessment at the moment when I’m writing this blog post, so I’m not sure what comments I might get from the assessors yet. So I think I’d better not share any “tips” that may mislead you, as goldwork is still pretty new to me, instead I’m trying to recall the points where I should have paid more attention.

Japanese threads

1. Japanese threads are quite a main material in this module. We are required to couch down Japanese threads in a bricking pattern as shown in the photo above. For me it went very well at first but as I went from the outside to the centre, I found it getting difficult to form the bricking patterns evenly as the space between the couching stitches would eventually get smaller. It’s actually unavoidable. My tutor told me that the principle…

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