Afro-futurism as a core influence

Has beginnings in afro-American music with the music of Sun-Ra and with contemporary culture afrofuturism is a reimagining of African folklore and spiritualism.

Most people have in some way been influenced by afro-futurist culture through flim, art and science fiction. Looking back to 2015 is when I made my first drawings influenced by contemporary culture, but I have been toying with the genre for some years.

For Tim Fielder the important word is ‘manifest’. using art to alter minds. Using afro-futurism. Star Trek ‘Uhura’, Lando Calrision, DC comics, Marvel, (which I read at my cousins house, where we were told to sit still while my mother gambled with relatives in the basement). In those days the white male was uppermost in these magazines. Fielder Said that he aggressively wanted to challenge this expressing people from other cultures and sexulities than requisite just the overarching white male themes of that time. Fusing the present culture and making manifest what one could be or fictionalised versions of the ‘state of being.’ Also taking on the establishment fusing ‘us’ (minorities) in to the system to get ‘us’ the African diasera people featured widely and positively ‘manifest’ this in all types of media including film. Working for Marvel Comics then the “Dieselfunk” way creating ‘Mattys Rocket cartoon’. Diesel Funk Studios became the engine of his work mode changing, refocusing elevating, ‘manifesting’ in Mattys Rocket Comic. He also Manifested Afrofuturefest. Tim Fielder Afrofuturism, TEDxJackson.

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