checking scenery

Shoot for final design

First phot shoot for final design . Photo Joanne White

using the same model that was used earlier entering afro-futurism. The dress I had seen earlier and was going to be the model my self. By the time I could afford it was a few sizes down. I want the model to bend into the background as an Earth mother. Anansi is a trickster always one step away from death, yet always coming up with cunning plans to outwit those who try the eat the little spider.

The spider is so scary to the westerner. Yet while standing on a Jamaican veranda under hanging cobweb being hold “They will do you no harm”. While later a big furry monster hangs over a doorway. Father slapping this spider bigger and fatter than his hand. Laughing out loud “Wa wrang with unu, a only Anansi.” His middle-class correctness slipping ‘once’ into Jamaican patois.

The hundreds of tiny spiders over the veranda scurrying among the night lights that invite the mosquitoes feasting and smiling with us, till we ‘foreign’ no longer notice them but relax under the stars rum and reggae relaxing our souls.

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